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Planting Dreams With Words

A friend asked me the other day why I had this blog and why I write the things I write.  I didn’t have to think too long and hard (I hate doing that!) before replying …

My blog is an extension of my garden, it’s where I plant my thoughts, day dreams, desires, hopes and passions; not with seeds or plants but with words.  My garden and nature as a whole feels to me as if it is a reflection of my inner-self and as such it needs care and attention, love, nourishment and light to keep it alive.  Others do it through music, dance, painting, whatever it is that makes lose themselves in the world of their fantasy.  I choose to do it through nature, my garden and this blog.   So my writing isn’t here to please others – although I hope that in some small way that it does – it’s not here to feed my ego, nor to make money.  I write and publish it to bring it out into the light, into the open so that my inner-self can grow beyond the weeds and brambles of everyday life.

My friend seemed to be a bit overwhelmed by this, so I paused … then added … I write what I write because I enjoy it, it makes me feel happy inside and out.  That, he understood and I hope that you do too 🙂