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Magical Moment in the Mist



The early morning mist clung to the riverbank where the boy and his faithful companion were sitting, the ground beneath them was damp but their spirits were alive with the warmth of simply being.  They watched as pearls of dew dripped rhythmically yet silently from the fingers of a willow tree and listened to the ducks calling to their young as they glided mysteriously and shapelessly on the water below them.  The muted response of the ducklings hanging in the damp air like echoes from the past.  The place seemed timeless, wrapped as it was in the soft blanket of Mother Natures tears; tears of love not anger, tears of life, giving fresh hope, feeding and nourishing all that they touched.  To sit there amid creation, to witness and be a part of it all was almost surreal but the boy and his pal knew it was real, they were there centred in that magical moment.

The boy couldn’t help smiling as he sat watching and listening, taking each new moment, each new sound, each new sensation and vision that was given him into the heart of his soul. He laughed as his damp companion sidled closer to him anxious to be off and investigate each new unseen rustling from the undergrowth that sheltered them from reality.  The pair were at one with each other and with nature, they shared the exhilaration of life that so many others never feel or see, letting life pass them by without a nod of acknowledgement or appreciation.  Embracing life was what bonded them, sharing moments like this in the knowledge that they were connected with everything around them and simply allowing that to be.  No questions, no doubts.  How could there be, the evidence was there in and about them in that magical moment.

Looking For The Silver Lining

 Watching the grey misty morning shrouding the ocean, feeling the warmth of the day gently building, knowing that very soon the sun will shine in all of its glory; taking away the hanging veil and beckoning to children to come out and play is a comforting feeling.  A feeling to hold in our hearts and minds as we travel through those cloudy moments that we all experience from time to time on our journey through this life. To believe and trust that each shrouded moment is only temporary and that eventually the light will always burn away the mist to reveal the true potential of the day is powerful knowledge.  Look for the silver lining whenever you’re feeling overcast and simply know that your light will shine through for you.  It always has and it always will!