Looking Through Time and Seizing The Moment

Looking through time and seizing the moment is just one of the methods I use to meditate and connect with Nature and History and I recommend everyone do it whenever the opportunity arises. Any environment works but a natural landscape such as a beautiful countryside, coastal or mountainous panorama definitely has a much deeper, stronger bond for me; but you will find your own personal ‘home’.

When you look at a landscape remember that place is not just simply there, it has taken millennia to evolve into whatever it is you see at that moment in time.  The towering chalky and sandstone cliffs that form the present south coast of England that I love to roam were once the the seabed and maybe again at some time in the future.  The rolling rural fields that make up so much of the beautiful countryside were previously woodlands and forests where a totally different range of flora, fauna and wildlife thrived; where foresters once tended the land and the battles of our war torn history took place.

This exercise connects me not only to wherever I happen to be, it puts the whole living in the moment process easier to comprehend and use in other areas of my life; things have changed, things will continue to change but the only place to see, feel, hear and even smell these changes are there in that moment, that time and that place ~ enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Looking Through Time and Seizing The Moment

  1. Jamal

    What does it mean to look through time. I found this statement and would like to know more about what it means. “Looking through time and all its greatness”

    Thank you!

    1. Steve Post author

      Thanks for your comment Jamal, to me looking through time is reflecting on past experiences, learning from them and taking the lessons and using them in the moment of time you are in .. now, the present.


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