Monthly Archives: October 2011

Receptivity – The Biggie!

 Receptivity, Wow what a biggie this topic is!  Until I started to think about what to write for this months newsletter I hadn’t really considered the word properly before, but now that I have I realize that nothing else will work to bring love (or anything else for that matter) into your life without receptivity.

In the past I used to consider myself unloved, undeserving and misunderstood, something I’m sure you can all relate to during some part of your life.  It wasn’t until I met the lovely Debra Oakland (know her?) that I gradually started to learn that my thoughts and feelings were merely barriers I was erecting to block out the love that surrounded and was inside of me.  I was unreceptive to love … shocking, but true.

Debra opened up my mind, simply by listening to her talk about her own life, past, present and future, I began to open up and I began opening up, telling her things about me that surprised even myself.  Unwittingly I was knocking down those darned barriers and becoming receptive to who I truly was and wanted to be.  This freedom allowed me to tune into the right frequencies again, the frequencies of self-love, self-esteem, self-compassion and self-belief.  Call them whatever you want, but believe me when I tell you that without them neither you nor those around you will ever see the real You.

I’m no super-hero and I still get moments when I temporarily wallow in self-pity but I have learned to recognize them and am now able, with the help of Mother Nature, to quickly retune to the harmonic frequencies of love.  Nature has a way of showing me the bigger picture; how to triumph over life’s little hiccups not by ignoring them but by being receptive to them and those around me, then listening to my heart, opening it to the real Me and allowing answers to flow in and around me.  Without receptivity you cannot appreciate the beauty that nature bestows on you, the barriers prevent you from seeing the flower, hearing the birds and feeling the earth beneath your feet.  Children are free of these barriers, that’s why they are receptive to everything around them, inquisitive, unafraid and creative – until we impose our own barriers upon them that is!

Receptivity means allowing thoughts, things, feelings and people into your life freely without any barriers to hinder them or masks to disguise them (or yourself).  Then and only then can you open up, make the right choices, take the right actions and most importantly Love and Be Loved.

 PS …. Thank You Debra!