Don’t Be Afraid Of Making Changes – You’re Not Alone!

 Do you ever get that feeling that because you are a person of change that you are alone with your struggles to improve not only yourself but this world and worlds yet to come?  I know I do, even though I have a group of like minded people to share my thoughts, dreams and actions with. At times when faced with outside society in general that I am all alone.  Not just alone but also considered by many as an idle dreamer who has lost the plot on how to live his life.  (I must add here that these opinions do not hurt me in any way as they are only other peoples opinions. But they can be frustrating when trying to move forward – they are like brick walls to be got over, simply obstacle on the journey of spiritual awakening and awareness).

I know that many of you often have the same feeling of being alone too, and I just wanted to let you know that you’re not.  In fact you are surrounded by supporters of whatever change it is you are attempting in your life – You just haven’t heard of them yet, they are strangers to you, but they are out there, waiting for you.  A friend of mine shared a video by Paul Hawken called Blessed Unrest and Wiser Earth on The Ringing Cedars Revolution website  which brought this fact home to me in big way, and I would like to share it with you here ….

So you see, you are not alone, be strong, be persistent and you will arrive with other like minded people at the destination of your choosing.


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