Monthly Archives: August 2011

Embracing Flexibility

 The Universe of which we are all a part is forever changing; and by embracing flexibility in our lives we can prepare ourselves for the changes that are happening right now as well as those still yet to come.  Mother Nature has shown us the value of flexibility over thousands of years, developing new, as well as shedding old life forces and adapting to new and evolving environments.

Without this flexibility, both physical and conscious, the Earth would not be as we see it today.  In fact, it wouldn’t be here at all, nor us with it!  For we humans changes are occurring faster now than at any other time in our brief history and flexibility has to be embraced if we are to keep pace with them.  Nature has the experience, and we should look to her as our mentor.  Like trees bending and flexing in a gale we must dig deep inside of ourselves, allowing our minds, hearts and bodies to grow strong if we are not to be uprooted from where we stand, and just as wildlife migrates and hibernates to survive the cycle of the seasons we too must be a part of the change and feel, think and act accordingly.

Flexibility is a core ingredient of life along with love and harmony of our selves, others and everything that is.  Without bending away from the paradigms of todays society and opening ourselves up to these change we will quickly dry up like a dammed river without any flow of creativity to refresh ourselves or our souls.  To change, we must accept it, become a part of it and learn now how to be flexible when the time is right; and that time is now.

Beach-Combing Your Life

 So, what lessons did I learn from my 3 months away from home I hear you eagerly asking?

Well, apart from the fact that grass can grow exceedingly tall in that space of time, quite a lot, but it wasn’t what I had expected to learn.  I expected to find a deeper understanding of myself and about where my life was taking me, and in a way I suppose I did learn that, but the main lesson was all about – well, this is the best way I can explain it …

When you walk along a beach you are sure to come across all sorts of things that have been washed ashore, some items have been discarded by man and others that are simply natural wastage from nature, brought ashore by each incoming tide. Often beachcombers will come along and make use of the items that they see a use for but much of this debris is of no use to anyone anymore and is left to either be washed out to sea again or cleaned up (hopefully) and disposed of properly.

This is now how I view the lessons I learned, much of my life has now passed it’s ‘sell by date’ and is no longer of any use to me.  A whole range of things are being washed from my life; possessions, people, places and even some old redundant desires have been cast adrift, out into the ocean that is my past.  Some things may wash ashore again in the future when both time and tide are right, but until then they are free to go wherever the current may take them.

I learned more about the things I don’t want or need in my life anymore and how important it is to clear them out to make room for those things that I really do want and need. Beach combing my life hasn’t been easy, far from it, relationships in particular are hard to make any clear decisions about, but decide I must!  We all shudder at the thought of change and the upset that change may cause others but I now understand that deliberate, positive changes have to be made before any semblance of true freedom and happiness can be attained.

So the next time you take a walk along a beach tread with care, you may bump into a part of the old me, treat it with compassion, you never know I may need it again someday!

Reconnecting With Nature

 Since I returned from my sojourn in America visiting Debra Oakland, who I am co-writing a book with and her fantastic husband Cody, I have been busy, not only sorting out and dealing with my washing and ironing, but reconnecting with nature.  Just being back in my own garden has re-energized my love for all that is in it – weeds an all!  When I first arrived back I cursed at Mother Nature for allowing the lawn and borders to become overgrown and jungle like, but after a couple of mornings of hard labour I began to see the woods from the trees, so to speak, and hidden amongst the wilderness was a treasure trove of delights.  Plants that over the years I’ve struggled to get to do anything worthwhile were blooming, varieties of birds I had not seen in the garden before were feeding on seed heads and now that the lawn has been tamed a fox has taken to curling up at night and sleeping there. It seems to me that nature has given me a special reward for my understanding of her ways, or perhaps welcoming me back and I thank her from deep inside of my-self for that.


We all need to feel a deep connection with whatever it is we believe in, it is those connections that lead us by the hand and see us through the bad times and show us the way forward to a greater understanding of who we are as we travel on the wonderful journey of life.  I choose nature to connect to because there is already a natural affinity with it; we are all a part of it, it is both inside of us and all around us, there is no place on this earth that nature doesn’t reside.  So once again – Thank You Mother Nature, I am blessed to be connected with you.

Energetic Calmness

Energetic and Calmness; two words you wouldn’t normally associate together are they? Recently, shortly before leaving lovely Laguna Beach in California to come back to Poole in the UK I found myself in precisely that – a state of energetic calmness.

The calmness I felt about where the next steps I would take on my life’s journey would take me was filled with so much energy that the butterflies in my stomach were doing the fandango, and I couldn’t wipe the Cheshire Cat sized smile from my face. At the same time this amazing ‘emotion’ was building pictures from my past which were vividly running through my head. Pictures of people, places and events that had previously troubled me greatly were instead of causing me the usual anguish being released and sent to the waste bin of my mind and the butterflies danced faster and faster and the cats smile grew broader.  I was being given my freedom!

I wont be emptying the waste bin, instead I will leave those past experiences there to be looked at and laughed about as they are automatically deleted from my mind, body and soul when the moment is right; both energetically and calmly.


Sometimes it’s hard to actually grasp the meaning of compassion; is it sorrow or sadness for whatever we are seeing, hearing or simply thinking of? To me it is a far greater yet smaller emotion, it is a state of mind that feels ‘Oneness’ with whatever that thing may be. It is a sensation felt not only in the consciousness like fear or grief may feel but it is an understanding of whatever is going on along with the knowledge that I cannot physically alter it; but am able to send out love to those involved, whether they are considered ‘socially’ in the right or wrong.

This is the reason why I think it is wrong to shut yourself off from the world around you; without knowing what is happening how can you send that love that is needed out there to those that desperately need it. Those that are treading the same paths as us, our brothers and sisters, all be it at differing levels of living and understanding. So I suppose that if I were to define compassion it would be a blanket of comfort and support that we all need from time to time and if that blanket were to disappear we would all feel the harsh winds of life’s winter to the marrow of our bones and in the hearts of our souls.

So please, don’t hide from the reality of what is going on about you, embrace it and use your God given compassion to support your fellow man.