Blowing Bubbles of Love

I was reminded today of the beautiful carefree love that children share with us which unless we are connected to our own inner-child we can so easily miss. A beautiful friend of mine mentioned that she had just come in from having a walk with her six year old son and that they had spent some time blowing bubble gum bubbles together. Simple childish fun some may say; but in that sharing moment the bond between Mother and Son was reinforced and the inner-connection of love was allowed to shine out brightly and powerfully to the whole universe.

This simple but strong message of love easily gets lost in these times of instant messaging, texting and emails; life is too fast and these little but oh so very important connections get bypassed and lost in our haste to live our lives at a breakneck pace. Taking time-out to blow bubbles of love with those that we love and cherish is a wonderful and fun way to ensure a happier future for ourselves, our children and future generations.
Happy Bubble Blowing!

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