Daily Archives: February 17, 2011

Gardening With Your Soul

Carrots with Soul - Knobbly but Nice!

We all know by now that gardening is good for your soul, (if you didn’t know that, where have you been hiding!) but to me it is so much more pleasurable and beneficial if you garden with your soul.  What I mean by that is having trust in Mother Nature to always do her best for you.  Hey, She knows best, She created everything millions of years before we came along.  When I garden I always try to use what you might term as the ‘old fashioned’ plants and ‘heritage’ vegetables rather than the modern day hybrids because they are the ones that have developed naturally over the years, they have adapted to the changing climates and conditions – better than we have I might add.  Some of the veggies look lumpy, bumpy and crooked unlike the manicured examples in the supermarkets, but I guarantee that they will taste a whole lot better.

If you read today’s gardening books they tell you to do this, do that, spray with this and feed with some miracle solution every other day.  Well I don’t.  The facts are that if you use the ‘old fashioned’ plants, the ones  that are the direct descendants from nature’s own original design, providing that you grow them in the right place, or near enough, they will do their best for you, which is all you should ask of anything or anyone.  So that is what I do, plant them in conditions that I know they like, water them when conditions dictate and leave them to get on with it.

Well, not quite!

I also visit them at least twice a day, usually first thing in the morning and again in the evening.  I touch them, smell them, taste them and talk to them with words of appreciation, praise and thanks.  I take Mother Nature’s route and leave them to nurture themselves, apart from letting them know who I am and that I love and appreciate them for what they are, and that’s it, that’s what I do and it seems to work.  Of course I do experiment with new plants now and again but they don’t get the special treatment that the label says I should give them, they either survive, and in which case I will grow some more, or they die and I don’t waste Mother Nature’s time (and my money) on trying to do the impossible.

Gardening with your soul and having trust in Nature is a great mantra for living; find out what suits you, what makes you flourish and bloom naturally and plant more and more of those seeds every day so that you get a repeat crop.  Most importantly, show love and appreciation to yourself because without that you have nothing to share with others.

Grow a Happy Life with Happy Gardening!